Manifest Destiny

by The Gunboat Diplomats

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Original Sin 03:56
Original Sin When the sun creeps by and your shadow grows You can run, you can hide, but he’s by your side And he always knows Where the skeletons lie and what it’s all about You can wash your hands but there ain’t no chance You’ll get the bloodstains out Right from the very start until the bitter end Once you feel him bite, the serpent ain't your friend 'Cause when your time is up and the chips are down You'll wear the bad mistakes like a thorny crown And the past will haunt you, poison under your skin We'll all dance in the fire of original sin At the end of my chain, now it's do or die And my bones feel old, naked and cold Without an alibi I can drown the pain in the devil's brew Drop down on my knees, but I'll find no peace Until the debt comes due When the world is dark and the lights go out Well, you better believe, there can be no doubt That it's never too early to see that it's too late For all the sinner's souls and for the saints who prayed Don't matter where you're from, only where you've been We'll all dance in the fire of original sin The sins of the father, sins of the son No escape, why bother, you're under the gun You lied, tricked 'em, confessed to the priest We all play the victim, we all feed the beast Born in the crime, inherit the strife Serving hard time all your life And the prison you've built will take it's toll Like the pain and guilt that damn your soul You can hide your face, change your name But you've earned your place down in the flame You can't disguise the demons within We're all baptized in original sin
I'm Not Going Back To Jacksonville Can't get no rest, but I feel fine I'm headed west, track number nine That lonely whistle blows The only song it knows And so it goes on down the line There's no loose ends, just severed ties No sad events or long goodbyes A point of no return After those bridges burn I'll learn to tell myself sweet lies I tried to play my cards just right But I watched my house of cards ignite For all I know, it's burning still Before the dust had settled down I knocked off the rust and I got out of town And I'm not going back to Jacksonville Just like bad news, I travel fast But not quick enough to lose the past And all the miles between From Starke to Abilene Don't mean I'm finally free at last So what's the use, what's done is done I cut 'em loose then cut and run And once that line is crossed Just figure up the cost Maybe I lost more than I won Without a plan and without a doubt When it hit the fan I caught the last train out I'll let it roll me where it will There may be a dead end sign Waiting for me at the end of the line But I'm not going back to Jacksonville
Beneath A Solemn Sky By a brown and withered garden, there's a chapel in the sand Where the wicked and the faithful come to make their final stand As another bitter season ends, now the hour is at hand For the seeds of hope have fallen on parched and stony ground Can you hear the prophets calling while the world keeps spinning 'round? But it all goes with the territory and, for what it's worth, The meek and brave prepare a grave in the dusty barren earth While the bones of last week's promises are buried in the square The saints and doubting Thomases all bow their heads in prayer But the words can bring no comfort to the foolish or the wise Till the heavens rain on the brittle grain Like teardrops from the quiet, solemn sky Now the thunderclouds are gathering A shadow on the land So rejoice you sons and daughters, but wouldn't it be rich If the holy, healing waters soon undermined the bridge Rushing up to breach the levy on that long and fateful day Till the rising flood made it clear as mud All the sins are washed away Down the ancient, winding river to the dark and briny sea Now these old foundations shiver at the sacred memory Of that brief and blessed moment when providence supplied A sad lament for the penitent who are damn well sanctified
Judgment Road Distant thunder, restless night, last smoke in the pack I stopped a stranger, bummed a light and took a long sweet drag When it burned like hell to pay and turned my fingers black I crushed it out and walked away, and I ain't looking back I feel it in my soul, there's something calling me Out where the dust clouds roll, that's where I'm gonna be This highway takes its toll before it sets you free 'Round the final bend straight to the end Of Judgment Road Racing past the break of dawn across the great divide Stuck on "E," the rearview's gone, now there's no place left to hide I drove into the blinding sun, too strung out to sleep After all is said and done, there's no secrets left to keep 'Cause sins are not forgiven and no one here forgets The guilty go on living til they die with their regrets Beyond the far horizon's edge the truth must stake its claim On that lonely, narrow ledge where there's no one left to blame For what you are and what you're not, and for the cause you serve You give it everything you've got and get what you deserve I feel it in my soul, there's something calling me Out where the dust clouds roll, that's where I'm gonna be This highway takes its toll before it sets you free 'Round the final bend straight to the end Of Judgment Road


A tale of regret, reflection and redemption. (More songs coming soon)


released August 14, 2017

Recorded at Zoe Tribe Studios.
All songs by K. Holmes/Lexisongs


all rights reserved



The Gunboat Diplomats Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The Gunboat Diplomats are a song shop recording pop rock music with a vintage vibe.

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