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A sinfully sly and slinky bossa nova


Original Sin
When the sun creeps by and your shadow grows
You can run, you can hide, but he’s by your side
And he always knows
Where the skeletons lie and what it’s all about
You can wash your hands but there ain’t no chance
You’ll get the bloodstains out

Right from the very start until the bitter end
Once you feel him bite, the serpent ain't your friend
'Cause when your time is up and the chips are down
You'll wear the bad mistakes like a thorny crown
And the past will haunt you, poison under your skin
We'll all dance in the fire of original sin

At the end of my chain, now it's do or die
And my bones feel old, naked and cold
Without an alibi
I can drown the pain in the devil's brew
Drop down on my knees, but I'll find no peace
Until the debt comes due

When the world is dark and the lights go out
Well, you better believe, there can be no doubt
That it's never too early to see that it's too late
For all the sinner's souls and for the saints who prayed
Don't matter where you're from, only where you've been
We'll all dance in the fire of original sin

The sins of the father, sins of the son
No escape, why bother, you're under the gun
You lied, tricked 'em, confessed to the priest
We all play the victim, we all feed the beast
Born in the crime, inherit the strife
Serving hard time all your life
And the prison you've built will take it's toll
Like the pain and guilt that damn your soul
You can hide your face, change your name
But you've earned your place down in the flame
You can't disguise the demons within
We're all baptized in original sin


from Manifest Destiny, track released June 12, 2018
K. Holmes: Lead vocal
Eric Brigmond: Piano
Stan Piper: Bass
Ken Nasta: Drums
Rachel McGoye: Backing vocals
Marc Dickman: Trombone
Bryan Tomlinson: Trumpet
Milan: Percussion
Chuck Nash: Guitar


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The Gunboat Diplomats Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The Gunboat Diplomats are a song shop recording pop rock music with a vintage vibe.

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