A Song For All Seasons

by The Gunboat Diplomats

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Take It In 03:36
Take It In The sun is up another day So drink a cup be on your way don't stay in all alone Join the crowd out and about beyond your comfort zone When you're lonely you need only grab the telephone Loud and clear into your ear your'll hear me say (Take It In) Saturday morning (Take It In) Rainy or bright (Take It In) Starlight adorning (Take It In) A beautiful night (Take It In) A stroll with your baby (Take It In) The hint of romance (Take It In) A moment that may be (Take It In) An excellent chance to embrace A lucky sign So take your place, cloud number nine is fine and you just might Find the part in every garden that's just out of sight Open up your eyes, you'll realize the future's bright I propose you smell the roses, taste the wine (Take It In) A friend at the front door (Take It In) Wearing a smile (Take It In) Browse in the book store (Take It In) Linger a while (Take It In) A brand new sensation (Take It In) You loved all along (Take It In) Mark the occasion (Take It In) With your favorite song (Take It In) Dreams you imagined (Take It In) All within reach (Take It In) A bourbon Old Fashioned (Take It In) Out at the beach (Take It In) The curious notion (Take It In) To ride a balloon (Take It In) Take a dip in the ocean (Take It In) Under the moon (Take It In) A coin in the fountain (Take It In) Hasn't a care (Take It In) Climbing a mountain (Take It In) Just 'cause it's there
If Summer Could Stay Wild grapevine in the sunshine On the fault line where the ground is fresh and new (Sunbeams so bright) Roots awoken (Fade at twilight) Dried and broken (Into the night) Withered token of a long-lost summer view The sun hangs high while Morning Glory's on display Don't question why sweet flowers die by end of day It would be nice if summer could stay (Sunflowers yearn) Summer treasure (They live and learn) Fleeting pleasure (That seasons turn) Take the measure as the days go short and few (For after all) Days in clover (Autumn will call) Soon are over (Gold leaves must fall) So they go forsaking all when summer's through Time puts the lie to alibis that go astray For by and by these precious ties will tear and fray Stars in my eyes if summer could stay The autumn sky paints near horizons somber grey Just say goodbye and watch the songbirds fly away Sweet paradise if summer could stay (One perfect day) Now or never, if summer could stay (From end of May) Til forever, if summer could stay (That fine bouquet) Fragrant splendor, if summer could stay (When blossoms sway) Sweet surrender, if summer could stay...
Salemtown 03:16
Salemtown Whatever happened to the children of Salemtown Things have gotten quite disturbing when they're around Whispering in the shadows and lurking Exchanging knowing looks while they're smirking As if they're in allegiance working underground Whatever happened to the children of Salemtown Sneaking through the darkness, God knows where they're bound Pass them on the street but beware Not a should will meet their withering stare For fools and heroes are nowhere to be found What have they set in motion What have we got to fear I've got a troubling notion An awful reckoning is near Whatever happened to the children of Salemtown hahnting in the dead of night, an eerie sound Was it just a dream I heard them sing Of what tomorrow will bring When the one they're waiting for is finally crowned
The Christmas spirit's time is near, it's bottled up inside Can hardly wait anticipating an off-the-wagon ride While caroling prepare to sing with a flask filled up to here I've got a hunch it packs a punch, a shot of Christmas cheer So get the Yuletide party going, drink in the atmosphere My cup is overflowing this bubbly time of year Kris Kringle wrangling jingle jangling reindeer nipping rye Till Rudolph's nose turns red and glows, oh man, he flies so high Now every joyous girl and boy has left a souvenir A pint-sized swig for ol' St. Nick, a shot of Christmas cheer Straight up! So keep the Yuletide party going, drink in the atmosphere My cup is overflowing this bubbly time of year Suppose the host proposed a toast to the roast this holiday With smooth Grey Goose, a splash of juice, my kind of fowl play We're gonna make rock candy, egg nog, brandy, chase it with a beer Then raise a glass of razz-ma-tazz, a shot a Christmas cheer We're gonna raise a glass of razz-ma-tazz, a shot a Christmas cheer


Musical compositions for every occasion. (More songs coming soon)


released July 30, 2018


all rights reserved



The Gunboat Diplomats Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The Gunboat Diplomats are a song shop recording pop rock music with a vintage vibe.

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